Silence them with huge penis…gag

If you are into gags, then you definitely have to check out penis gag. It will make wearer drool like nothing else. This is unique mouth gags typically shaped like penis. Why I said typically? Well, there is actually many different designs of penis gags on the market. Most typical could be penis ball gag from Pipedream’s Fetish fantasy series. It’s a mix of ball gag and penis gag. You have ball gag on one side and penis on the other side. Check video for more information on this one.

Pecker gagAnother typical design would be double dildo gag. This one have pretty unique features. You have a short penis gag that goes into wearers mouth and huge dildo on the other side. That dildo can be used to satisfy mistress in whole new way. Dildo is made out of safe rubber and harness is made out of leather. This model is usually the most expensive one, but well worth its money.

Mouth harness with penis on one side is probably the most popular type of penis gags (image on left). This one is also my favorite and here are some reasons: it’s simple to clean, very effective and reasonably priced. Penis gag by Tantus is a great example of this kind of penis gag.

And the last type is inflatable penis gag. Just as its name apply, this penis gag has mouth piece that can be inflated up to 3 inches in diameter. Master or mistress can inflate it as much as it takes to fully silence wearer.

Since this is a toy that you put in your mouth, make sure manufacturer use quality rubber that doesn’t have taste or smell. Before buying read couple of reviews and buyers feedbacks to make sure it’s ok.

I hope this helped you to get know penis gags a little bit more. If you have any question regarding this topic, you can post your question in comment area bellow. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy safely.

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