Get Naughty With Fox Tail Butt Plug

glass fox tail plug

glass fox tail plugI must admit it, soon after I found out one of these glass fox tail butt plugs I just couldn’t resist. They appear so spectacular, therefore I have to buy one for my girlfriend. Even if it was a little “challenging” to set it in her anus, it has been entertainment getting it in since she really like it. For all the beginners out there I suggest to pick a smaller one. We’ve got some tough time when we first try it but in the end, It was all good.

if you already did some research you probably notice that market offers a lot of quality plugs created of glass so you may perhaps suspect that they can be harmful. But let me tell you, they’re just rough as it may gets! Presuming that you will never pitch it in a wall or something like that, you will be ok. Beeing stated that, my first one has dropped more than once since now and it’s still opearating in  “full mode”. Like I say, if you find proper size of plug, you will be able to put it in your butt without any pain and it will also feel very nice and pleasant. My first fox tail plug was a little to small, but just because it was regularly sliding out so I really have to order a bigger one.

When it comes to maintenance there isn’t anything specific or special to know, especially if you have one which is manufactured from a glass. Just use clean water and clean soap and there you have it. If anything, be a little more careful with feathers, because you can spoil it. Eventually, allow it to dry out completely. When you done, place the tail butt plug in some normal area which enables it to maintain its shape. You never want to end up getting some type of crazy combined processed plug. On the internet you can find lots of different types and substances that these plugs are build from, but keep in mind that  every one of them will gives you an excitement that you and your partner will surely love it! Now, get one and have some fun!

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