Have threesome with double penetration cock ring


double penetration cock ring

I’m pretty sure you at least one wanted to try threesome, right? Well, if by threesome you were thinking two men and one woman, than you can have it with double penetration cock ring. double penetration cock ring is sex toy that make it possible to have guilt free threesome any time, every time.

This sex toy is very simple. double penetration cock ring is cock ring with vibrator attached to it. This sex toy is perfect if you want experiment with double penetration without dragging another person to your fantasy.

Another thing I like about double penetration cock rings is that they don’t cost much and work really well. In most cases will cost way less than 30$, which is great deal. But the price id not the only reason to get it.

Why choose double penetration cock ring?

Problem with threesomes is that a lot of people would like to try it, but are afraid that will become awkward and might bring friction to relationship. This are just some of examples why double penetration cock ring is a toy to get. Do you agree? You’ll never have weird conversations after threesome with this toy. For additional information about double penetration c ring go to http://sextoyzine.com

I have checked a few models and I have to say I was surprised about selection. They come in different sizes and designs. I have no doubt you’ll find one you’ll like.

You can find vibration version or one without vibrator. double penetration cock ring often comes with removable bullet vibrator and some of them even have two of them.double-penetrations

One to stimulate clitoris and other to set powerful vibrations to vibrator itself. The other one is usually in base of vibrator, so female feels vibration deep inside.

Never, and I mean never forget to use lubrication. With lube everything is more pleasurable.

Anal Douche Guide

anal douchingIt is always better to be on a risk-free side, so using anal douche is certainly the proper “product” to try it without no (at least seriously) negative practical experience. Thus how can you assure an effective time for you personally as well as your husband or wife without needing to get worried related to as he brings that thing out? I have to tell you, I’m almost  expert for using this since a couple of years in the past and from now on I am unable to be without it.

Like I observe, when  everyone start using it to the initially time, they always inquire from me if it absorbs. But I need to say it, it will not retain your inside cleanse, you probably already know that the warm shower will not be good enough.  And in this article the anal douching will arrive at his best. To remove filth, the anal douche is your best bet. Furthermore, anal douching will help you to definitely sense cozy and in some cases even more self-confident and cleaner ahead of perform. To really feel much more self-assured and cleaner, anal douching will likely be your very best mate. Should you choose to sense good and more cleaner then at any time right before, anal douching can help you with this. Anyhow, I’ve to inform you my own tale. Back in the days, it absolutely was my want to provide this solution a consider. I have to say, it goes in perfectly and really feels good and seriously cleaning you out. Although the buld actually feel
weird when i bring in it, it had been all really good. If you ever need to sense some superb expertise and anus stimulation, then this anal douche would be the perfect product for you personally to try.

Fun and exciting lockable penis gag

Penis gag

The lockable penis gag is a versatile product. The mouth gag can be a masturbation toy or a bdsm gear and accessory. This penis gag is different because it has a belt buckle and a lock which makes it perfect for submissives to wear during power play exercises as a bondage equipment. But if you choose not to use the lock, it can function as a mouth gag and masturbation toy.

A product worth checking out is the iEFiEL Lockable Strap On Masturbate Silicone Dildo Mouth Gag.

This penis mouth gag is made up of a silicone rubber dildo that is 10cm in length and 3.5cm in diameter. It has a 42-59cm sized belt that will keep the lockable penis mouth gag in place.

The belt is made of PU Leather and the penis gag is made of Silicone.


Lockable Penis GagThis lockable penis gag has a removable base which makes washing the toy easier. Just use your favorite toy cleaner on the penis gag when you wash it and wipe the belt with a dry cloth and you can lock it away with your other toys and gear.

The penis gag belt is adjustable so users with various head sizes can have fun with it.


The penis gag is too long as some users claim, especially those with strong gag reflexes. But experienced submissive disagree. Others claim it should be wider, but I guess it all boils down to what you are personally comfortable with. Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes.


Overall, I believe this penis gag is a quality and versatile product. It is a must have for couples engaged in BDSM activities. And since it is hassle free to clean, I give this penis gag a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Silence them with huge penis…gag

If you are into gags, then you definitely have to check out penis gag. It will make wearer drool like nothing else. This is unique mouth gags typically shaped like penis. Why I said typically? Well, there is actually many different designs of penis gags on the market. Most typical could be penis ball gag from Pipedream’s Fetish fantasy series. It’s a mix of ball gag and penis gag. You have ball gag on one side and penis on the other side. Check video for more information on this one.

Pecker gagAnother typical design would be double dildo gag. This one have pretty unique features. You have a short penis gag that goes into wearers mouth and huge dildo on the other side. That dildo can be used to satisfy mistress in whole new way. Dildo is made out of safe rubber and harness is made out of leather. This model is usually the most expensive one, but well worth its money.

Mouth harness with penis on one side is probably the most popular type of penis gags (image on left). This one is also my favorite and here are some reasons: it’s simple to clean, very effective and reasonably priced. Penis gag by Tantus is a great example of this kind of penis gag.

And the last type is inflatable penis gag. Just as its name apply, this penis gag has mouth piece that can be inflated up to 3 inches in diameter. Master or mistress can inflate it as much as it takes to fully silence wearer.

Since this is a toy that you put in your mouth, make sure manufacturer use quality rubber that doesn’t have taste or smell. Before buying read couple of reviews and buyers feedbacks to make sure it’s ok.

I hope this helped you to get know penis gags a little bit more. If you have any question regarding this topic, you can post your question in comment area bellow. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy safely.

Most unusual sex toys you’ll ever find

Ever wonder what are some of the most unusual sex toys you can buy? Then check out this video where you can see 5 of most unusual sex toys you can purchase. What you will see are a gorgeous pony tail butt plug, Orca dildo, metal cock cage, pig tail butt plug and rubber fisting mitten. However, I have to say that researcher didn’t do very well job. While this toys might seen weird to some, I seen much, much more bizarre toys. Take a look and let me know what you think. I would love to hear what is the most unusual sex toy you came across.

Get Naughty With Fox Tail Butt Plug

glass fox tail plug

glass fox tail plugI must admit it, soon after I found out one of these glass fox tail butt plugs I just couldn’t resist. They appear so spectacular, therefore I have to buy one for my girlfriend. Even if it was a little “challenging” to set it in her anus, it has been entertainment getting it in since she really like it. For all the beginners out there I suggest to pick a smaller one. We’ve got some tough time when we first try it but in the end, It was all good.

if you already did some research you probably notice that market offers a lot of quality plugs created of glass so you may perhaps suspect that they can be harmful. But let me tell you, they’re just rough as it may gets! Presuming that you will never pitch it in a wall or something like that, you will be ok. Beeing stated that, my first one has dropped more than once since now and it’s still opearating in  “full mode”. Like I say, if you find proper size of plug, you will be able to put it in your butt without any pain and it will also feel very nice and pleasant. My first fox tail plug was a little to small, but just because it was regularly sliding out so I really have to order a bigger one.

When it comes to maintenance there isn’t anything specific or special to know, especially if you have one which is manufactured from a glass. Just use clean water and clean soap and there you have it. If anything, be a little more careful with feathers, because you can spoil it. Eventually, allow it to dry out completely. When you done, place the tail butt plug in some normal area which enables it to maintain its shape. You never want to end up getting some type of crazy combined processed plug. On the internet you can find lots of different types and substances that these plugs are build from, but keep in mind that  every one of them will gives you an excitement that you and your partner will surely love it! Now, get one and have some fun!